Tutorial of Interfacing Sensors and Actuators

There are many discussion such as setup code, example, control, mechanical fasteners, interfacing, fields motors, and inverse kinematics are explained in this tutorial. This tutorial presents info about interrupt service routine, data, atmega 168 microcontroller, motors, microcontroller, and peripheral.

Inside the tutorial we can find info such as electrical properties, sensor, service routine, command module, electrical connectors, hardware, and processor setup. The following are chosen from this tutorial:

Starting with a conceptual intention – Finding the right pin – ADC & I/O pin electrical properties • What can drive what, supply V & mA to sensors, motors, audio, LEDs. What is open collector, TTL level. – Sensor’s electrical properties • Amplifier, optoisolator e.g. 110 VAC or sensitive/HV input – Mechanical fasteners & electrical connectors

In addition, this tutorial contains discussion such as actuators, embedded systems, interrupt, processor, control register, and processor checks.

Download Tutorial of Interfacing Sensors and Actuators pdf
File size: 2.025 MB, number of pages: 48, download server: chess.eecs.berkeley.edu
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