U5100 High Accuracy Pressure Sensor

This product information contains info around product, temperature, reverse polarity, accuracy, operating temperature, stainless steel, and sensor. There are lots of discussion like measurement, applications, pressure, protection, pressure sensor, and information are presented inside this product information.

Inside the product information the reader can read explanation regarding technology, output, standard, surge, range, and measurement specialties. Below are selected from this product information:

The U5100 series pressure transducers from the UltraStable™ line of MEAS, set a new price performance standard for demanding commercial and heavy industrial applications where high accuracy is required. This series is suitable for measurement of liquid or gas pressure, even for difficult media such as contaminated water, steam, and mildly corrosive fluids. The U5100 uses MEAS’ UltraStable™ technology that provides stability over a wide temperature range, performance previously available only in much higher priced sensors. The UltraStable™ technology employs a silicon-based strain gage isolated by an oil-filled capsule and a stainless steel diaphragm. The high stability rating is provided through MEMS-based technology and obtains excellent repeatability and minimal hysteresis.

Even more, this product information explains info things like accuracy pressure sensor, performance, temperature range, surge protection, stability, and wide temperature range.

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