Uego 1000 Wideband Oxygen Sensor Installation Instructions

Lots of things like the sensor driver, oxygen, injection systems, and system are described inside this installation instruction. The installation instruction presents information regarding oxygen sensor, wiring, and range.

Inside the installation instruction you can read description about sensor driver, systems, and wideband oxygen sensor. These are taken from this installation instruction:

Uego 1000 Wideband Oxygen Sensor Installation Instructions Uego 1000 Wide Band Oxygen Sensor Driver The Uego 1000 is a state-of-the-art product for sensing the engine’s air/fuel ratio. the wideband oxygen sensor, the sensor driver, and a display head featuring a large, easy to read .56 inch LED display. to R., the Oxygen Sensor, the Display Head, and the Sensor Driver. If installing the wideband oxygen sensor as a supplemental sensor, or on an engine/exhaust system not originally equipped with an oxygen sensor it should be located between 18 inches (450mm) and 36 inches (900mm) from the exhaust valves.

Even more, this installation instruction explains information about exhaust system, sensor, and an oxygen sensor.

Download Uego 1000 Wideband Oxygen Sensor Installation Instructions pdf
File size: 0.064 MB, number of pages: 6, download server: www.efisystems.com
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