Ultra-highly sensitive Surface-Corrugated Microfiber Bragg Grating Force Senso

Many discussion regarding sensor, fibers, fiber, physics, sensing, total length, sensitivity, sensitive surface, length, cross sectional area, period, and photon are presented inside the paper. Inside this paper the reader can learn things such as resonant wavelength, diameter, simultaneous measurement, photosensitive single mode, photosensitive, highly sensitive surface, force sensor, applied force, measurement, resonant, and force sensitivity.

This paper contains things about fiber, microfiber, longitudinal force, photosensitive fibers, untapered fibers, material, reflection, fiber material, machining parameters, wavelength, and corrugated microfiber. Below are excerpted from this paper:

We experimentally demonstrate a microfiber Bragg grating force sensor with ultra-high sensitivity. The fiber Bragg grating (FBG) is inscribed in a microfiber tapered from standard non-photosensitive single-mode fiber by focused ion beam machining method, and has a compact size ($112 lm in length). Small diameter increases the force sensitivity of such grating when acting as a force-sensing element under tensile loads. We have demonstrated force sensitivity as high as $3146 nm/N around the resonant wavelength of 1538 nm, which is C three orders of magnitude larger than FBGs in untapered fibers.

Giving more content, this paper explains discussion regarding sectional area, modulation, single mode, applications, wavelength shift, longitudinal, mechanical systems, grating force sensor, force, surface, and grating.

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