Ultrasonic Distance Sensors from Honeywell

In this product sheet the reader can find description related to termination, angle repeatability supply, sensing distance, sensor, ultrasonic sensors, beam, beam angle, ultrasonic distance sensors, response time, repeatability supply, interference, response, repeatability switching, and mutual interference. Many information around transducer, reference, ultrasonic, switching frequency reference, voltage, angle, inclination, protective measures, sound, supply voltage, distance, ultrasonic transducer, and honeywell are described in this product sheet.

This product sheet presents explanation about repeatability, switching outputs, reflector distance, distance sensors, sensing distance response, adjustable switching, reflector, distance switching frequency, maximum sensing, frequency, axis, sensing, distance response, and connector. Below are chosen from the product sheet:

Honeywell ultrasonic sensors operate by exciting an acoustic transducer with voltage pulses, causing the transducer to vibrate ultrasonically. These oscillations are directed at a target and by measuring the time for the echo to return to the transducer, the distance may be calculated. This measurement technique in no way interferes with the object – it does not contaminate the target, nor does it affect the position. And being no-touch, there are no mechanical linkages to wear out. All object shapes and surfaces can be measured using ultrasonic sensors, up to the maximum distance at which a sufficient echo reaches the sensor. Cylindrical, conical and small objects reduce the measuring range.

Furthermore, this product sheet contains info regarding output, stainless steel, accuracy, switching frequency, measurement, surface, analogue voltage, switching, ultrasonic distance, elapsed time, distance switching, hysteresis, and microprocessor.

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