Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor Selection Guide

This selection guide tells you things regarding polarity, range, sensing ranges, pulse transient noise, proximity, and ultrasonic. There are lots of discussion like ranges, ultrasonic sensors, polarity protection, noise, sensing distance, and circuit are presented inside the selection guide.

In the selection guide we can find explanation like ultrasonic sensor, protection, sensing range, output configuration, distance, and sensors. The following are excerpted from this selection guide:

Leakage Current Sensor Voltage Drop Description — Operating Voltage 873P Discrete Output 30 mm <500 mA Current Consumption 873P Analog Output 18 mm Normally Open, PNP 8_ Protection Type Short circuit, overload, false pulse, transient noise, and reverse polarity Certifications cULus Listed and CE Marked for all applicable directives Material Plastic - PBT Enclosure Type Rating IP67 Connection Type Micro quick-disconnect (18 mm discrete models have 12 inch pigtail) Indicator LED Yellow — Sensitivity Adjustment Potentiometer — Operating Temperature [C (F)] - 15…70_ (5…158_) Shock 30 g, 11 ms Vibration 55 Hz, 1 mm amplitude, 3 planes Features S Sensing ranges from 100…2500 mm 4…20 mA 0…10V DC — — ±0.3% QD Cordsets and Accessories Description Page Number S Analog output models (4…20 mA, 0…10V DC) Beam Deflectors 3-- 10 Cordsets 8-- 16 S Discrete output models (normally open, PNP) Mounting Brackets 2-- 210…2-- 214 M

Even more, this selection guide gives the reader discussion things like sensor, proximity sensors, ultrasonic proximity sensors, the sensing range, and ultrasonic.

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