Unison Paradigm Light Sensor Installation Guide

Lots of information about lighting, junction, sensor wires, light, mounting plate, board, instructions, installing, sensor control, terminals, and connector are described in this installation guide. This installation guide tells the reader info about power, control, controller, labeled ground, control system, sensor controller, paradigm control system, paradigm light, sensor, and connected paradigm.

Inside this installation guide we can read explanation about wiring, control processor, control board, termination, installation, light sensor, terminal, ground, thread, and connectors. Below are some excerpt from the installation guide:

The Unison Paradigm® Light Sensor provides light level measurement to the connected Paradigm control system. The control system receives the measurements to maintain a programmed lighting output in both dimmed and switched lighting systems. Each controller supports an individual pair of Light Sensors and is available in neutral white or black finish. A light sensor may be installed within the controller or installed remotely, using up to 1,000 feet (304m) of 16 AWG wire per controller. When using a pair of light sensors, both sensors transmit their light readings to a single controller which provides an averaged reading to the connected Paradigm control system

In addition, the installation guide explains info regarding thread extender, ceiling tile, ceiling, controller reference installing, wire, installation guide, ground wires, sensor control board, mounting, and control wiring.

Download Unison Paradigm Light Sensor Installation Guide pdf
File size: 1.314 MB, number of pages: 11, download server: www.etcconnect.com
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