USB Sensor Interface Model 9205

Many discussion like calibration, interface, data, measurement, method, strain gage, model, value, measurement signal, sensor measurement, signal, measurements, excitation, and sensor interface are explained inside the technical data. The technical data presents things around device, supply, manual, mode, information, interface model, range, port, scale, rated load, sensor excitation voltage, calibration procedure, channel, and measurement channel.

In the technical data you can read description related to sensor, voltage, strain gage sensors, lower calibration, load, electrical signals, measurement mode, upper scale, calibration value, sensor measurement range, displacement sensor, displacement sensors, connection, and input. These are excerpted from the technical data:

The model 9205 USB Sensor Interface is intended for the acquisition and processing of sensor signals. The model 9205 USB Sensor Interface is a user-configurable single-channel device, or optionally a multichannel device housed in a desktop unit. The device is configured via the USB port. The model 9205 USB Sensor Interface is ideally suited to measuring mechanical variables such as force, torque, pressure, acceleration, displacement and angle. It makes acquisition and processing of straingage, potentiometric and standard signals straightforward. Signal conditioning parameters such as gain, offset correction etc., which depend on the sensors used, can be custom set in software. No external amplifier needs to be used.

Also, this technical data presents information around technical data, measurement rate, display, driver installation, software, sensor data, measurement range, installation, excitation voltage, sensor parameters, measurement accuracy, strain, supply voltage, and upper calibration.

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