User Guide for D0143i Light Sensor

In the user guide you can get explanation about light sensor, spectral sensitivity, intelligent sensors, and the spectral sensitivity. This user guide gives us things about interfaces, sensitivity, light, and sensors.

Lots of explanation related to range, sensor, intensity, and calibration are explained inside the user guide. Below are selected from this user guide:

The Light Sensor 0..150 000 lux Short description The Light Sensor (0143i) measures light intensities in the range of 0 to 150 000 lux (150 klx). Intelligent sensor The light sensor is an intelligent sensor. The name of the light sensor in the sensor library of the Coach 5 program is Light sensor (0143i) (CMA) (0..150 klx). Default calibration graph of the light sensor (used in the standard Coach library and sensor memory) I (klx)= 30 * Vout (V) Coefficients of the calibration function: a= 30;

Giving more content, the user guide gives the reader info around the light sensor, light meter, light intensity, and measurements.

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