User Guide for DIGIcontrol BT4/BT6 Light Sensor

Inside the user guide the reader can find explanation regarding humidity, interface, network interface, sensor, and light. Lots of information about light sensors, lux, humidity sensors, humidity sensor, and microprocessor are explained in this user guide.

This user guide presents information about ibp network interface, sensors, the host computer, measurements, and cmos microprocessor. Here are chosen from the user guide:

Lighting Control Light Sensor ATS DIGIcontrol-BT4 /-BT6 • • • • • • • • Remote light measurement unit 4 directional sensors 0.5 to 15,000 lux Temperature sensor (DIGIcontrol-BT6) Humidity sensor (DIGIcontrol-BT6) Alarm thresholds Weatherproof housing ATS-IB interface HIGH-TECH SECURITY PRODUCTS MADE IN AUSTRIA ATS DIGIcontrol-BT4 /-BT6 Light Sensor The DIGIcontrol-BT6 is a combined light, temperature and humidity measurement device designed to provide comprehensive environmental information for ATS lighting and building control systems. Pr omptu s Tel: 0 222 -50 5- 81- 10 Servic enr : 93 12 45 A3 A4 500QA/2P DL4 ATS DIGIlock – PY S AT DIGIlock – PY DIGIcontrol-BT6 or DIGIcontrol-BT4 Technical Data: DIGIcontrol-BT4 CMOS microprocessor CMOS memory for 1,000 measurements CMOS clock Lithium battery for data protection 1 ATS-IBp network interface (drawing 50mA) 4 light sensors: 0.5 to 15,000 lux Supply voltage: 12-28 VDC / 60mA Dimensions (overall): L 80 x W

Additionally, this user guide presents more about temperature range, temperature sensor, directional sensors, and data.

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