User Guide for DT187A Distance Sensor(for EcoLog XL)

Inside this user guide you can read information about sensor, ultrasonic, and sensors. There are lots of explanation such as range, and sample rate are presented inside this user guide.

The user guide contains explanation about distance, the distance sensor, and distance sensor. The following are grabbed from the user guide:

The Distance sensor measures the distance between the sensor and an object in the range of 0.4 to 6 m. The sensor can sample data at up to 20 times per second, making it excellent for motion and movement experiments. The distance sensor is an analog sensor and can be used for a variety of experiments in Physics. It is supplied with an AC/DC adaptor and with a mounting rod. Typical Experiments • Investigating dynamic cart motions on a track • Studying motion graph matching

In addition, this user guide gives the reader info regarding fourier, and fourier systems.

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