User guide for Heated Oxygen Sensor Circuit Malfunction

Inside this user guide you can get things related to fuel injector, circuit, induction system, system, and oxygen. Lots of explanation such as malfunction, output, oxygen sensor, and dtc are presented in this user guide.

This user guide contains explanation around output voltage, data, oxygen sensor connector, the oxygen sensor, and oxygen sensor circuit. These are excerpted from the user guide:

DTC No P0130 DTC Detecting Condition Voltage output of oxygen sensor remains at 0.4 V or more, or 0.55 V or less, during idling after engine is warmed up (2 trip detection logic) Trouble Area S Open or short in oxygen sensor circuit S Oxygen sensor S Air induction system S Fuel pressure S Injector S ECM HINT: S S S Bank 1 refers to bank that includes cylinder No. 1. Sensor 1 refers to the sensor closer to the engine body. The oxygen sensor’s output voltage and the short−term fuel trim value can be read using the hand−held tester or OBD II scan tool.

Furthermore, the user guide explains info things like diagnostics, sensor, sensor circuit, and induction.

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