User Guide for L-GAGE Laser Gauging Sensors

In this user guide we can learn description around beam, gauging sensors, laser sensor, and gage sensors. This user guide gives the reader info like laser, sensor, sensors, and response time.

There are many info related to distance, response, thickness measurement, and laser sensors are explained inside the user guide. These are grabbed from the user guide:

Laser Gauging Sensors L-GAGEā„¢: A new paradigm for precision laser measurement. Unique,* self-contained design replaces large, cumbersome systems. Laser gauging sensors are typically large, two-piece systems, and are difficult to use. The new Banner L-GAGE has changed all that with a completely self-contained, 12 to 30V dc patent-pending design measuring only 55 mm X 82 mm X 20 mm (2.2″ X 3.2″ X 0.8″). By eliminating the need for a separate controller, the one-piece L-GAGE is easier to wire, decreases setup time and conserves valuable production space, with the added bonus of superior performance.

Even more, this user guide tells the reader more regarding discrete output, measurement, and laser gauging sensors.

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