User Guide for Light Sensor Kit

The user guide presents discussion around sensors, sensor, and light sensor. In this user guide the reader can read things like microcontroller, and the ambient light.

Many explanation about range, and light sensor kit are explained inside this user guide. Here are chosen from this user guide:

sensor accessories light sensor kit light sensor x 1 INSERT THESE PAGES at the back of the Sensor Chapter in your Vex Inventor’s Guide. For example, if you have two light sensors on the front of your robot (one on the left, and one on the right), then you can program your robot to follow a bright light by telling it to steer toward bright light (in the direction of the sensor that is receiving low values) and away from darkness (away from the direction of the sensor that is receiving high values). light sensor kit • 2 Inventor’s Guide insert accessories 1 sensor accessories light sensor kit, continued Technical overview, continued The light sensor has a usable range of 0 to 6 feet, so it can distinguish a light source from ambient light up to six feet away;

In addition, this user guide contains discussion around light sensors, and light.

Download User Guide for Light Sensor Kit pdf
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