User Guide for Open Loop Hall Effect Current Sensors/Transducers

Inside this user guide we can read info like current, current sensors, sensors, and sensor. This user guide gives you discussion such as specification, output voltage, and output.

There are many explanation about temperature, current range, and hall sensor are presented in the user guide. These are taken from the user guide:

Response time • Definition: The delay time between 90% of measurable current range (3 times of rated current) and sensor output reaches the coordinated voltage • specification: Chenyang open loop current sensors have the Best performance thanks to our best design of layout and well selection of high slew Rate amplifier. Output voltage (Vo) linearity: • • The output voltage versus input current relation of an ideal current sensor (without setting error in residual and output voltage) is indicated by the dot line in right figure The continuous line shows the output/input relation of an actual sensors.

Giving more content, the user guide presents more things like ambient temperature, voltage, and measurable current range.

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