User Guide for Optical Oxygen Sensor for Biofermentation

The user guide presents info such as optic probe, measurements, temperature, and sensor. Lots of discussion regarding the oxygen sensor, optical oxygen sensors, excitation, and oxygen sensors are presented in the user guide.

Inside the user guide you can find explanation related to oxygen sensor, measurement, optical oxygen, and oxygen. Here are selected from the user guide:

Optical Oxygen Sensors for Biofermentation BioFlask Components for Oxygen • NeoFox Phase Fluorometer • RedEye® Oxygen Patches (Headspace and In-Solution measurement) • Bifurcated Fiber Optic probe RedEye Patches Components for pH • • • • Jaz Spectrometer LS-1 Tungsten Light Source Bifurcated Fiber Optic Probe Reflective pH Patches NeoFox Phase Fluorometers pH Patch Jaz Spectrometer with Light Source Bifurcated Fiber Probes Experimental Procedure • • • • • Oxygen Patches were placed inside the Bio-flask to monitor the oxygen in headspace and in solution.

In addition, the user guide explains more regarding probe, fiber optic probe, and light source.

Download User Guide for Optical Oxygen Sensor for Biofermentation pdf
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