User Guide for Output Speed Sensor

The user guide presents discussion regarding signal, speed sensor, and speed sensor circuit. Inside this user guide you can read description about the sensor terminals, and speed.

There are lots of discussion related to vehicle speed sensor, and sensor are presented in this user guide. The following are grabbed from the user guide:

DI–489 DIAGNOSTICS – AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION (A340E, A340F) DIB1G–01 DTC P0722 Output Speed Sensor CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION The No. 2 vehicle speed sensor S ECM HINT: The waveform between terminals SP2+ and SP2– when vehicle speed is approx. AT8761 2003 TOYOTA TACOMA (RM1002U) Author : Date : 751 DI–490 DIAGNOSTICS – AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION (A340E, A340F) WIRING DIAGRAM 3RZ–FE ECM Y–R 17 IK2 Y–R 14 E6 SP2+ 18 IK2 W–R 23 E6 SP2– 1 V1 Vehicle Speed Sensor 2 V1 W–R D13078 5VZ–FE 5VZ–FE;

In addition, the user guide gives the reader discussion things like sensor terminals, and sensor circuit.

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