User Guide for Oxygen Sensor Circuit Malfunction

The user guide tells the reader explanation related to data, oxygen concentration, and the oxygen concentration. In this user guide the reader can get info related to stoichiometric, oxygen, and sensor circuit.

There are many info regarding oxygen sensor circuit, output voltage, and oxygen sensor are presented in this user guide. These are taken from the user guide:

To obtain a high purification rate for the CO, HC and NOx components of the exhaust gas, a three–way catalytic converter is used, but for the most efficient use of the three–way catalytic converter, the air–fuel ratio must be precisely controlled so that it is always close to the stoichiometric air–fuel ratio. The oxygen sensor has the characteristic whereby its output voltage changes suddenly in the vicinity of the stoichiometric air–fuel ratio. This is used to detect the oxygen concentration in the exhaust gas and provide feedback to the computer for control of the air–fuel ratio

Additionally, the user guide tells you info things like sensor, and the oxygen sensor.

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