User Guide for Silicon Eye-Ambient Light Sensor

The user guide contains discussion around ambient, light sources, and transmission. In this user guide you can get explanation such as ambient light, ambient light sensor, and sensitivity.

There are lots of discussion about sensor, applications, and photocurrent are described in this user guide. These are chosen from the user guide:

Relativ spectral sensitivity IT WORKS: 1,0000 Silicon Photodiode visible light IR human eye 0,8000 p n Chip SFH 3410 Rel. spec. sensitivity Regular silicon detectors have their maximum sensitivity in the IR range, and thus behave considerably different from human eyes. If they are used as ambient light sensors, i.e. to adjust display backlighting, one has to cope with inaccurate results due to differences in the IR spectra of various light sources. Principle: penetration depth of visible radiation is smaller than that of IR radiation. Therefore a pn-junction closely under the surface mainly detects visible light. ambient light sensor 0,6000 0,4000 0,2000 0,0000 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 1100 1200 wavelength [nm] Spectral emission of different light sources\sensitivity of detectors

Also, this user guide contains more things like light sensor, spectra, and silicon sensor.

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