User Guide for Sleepmate Dual Airflow Pressure Sensor Kit

This user guide presents info regarding airflow pressure waveform, output snoring signal, data acquisition, sensitivity, pressure signals, airflow pressure sensor, installation, and sampling frequency. Many info regarding dual pressure sensor, pressure, range, gain, interface, acquisition, and input are described inside this user guide.

Inside the user guide you can learn info such as signals, the output range, airflow pressure, airflow output, indicator, dual airflow pressure, pressure sensor unit, and sensor. Here are some excerpt from the user guide:

Features of the Sleepmate Dual Airflow Pressure Sensor OUTPUTS Nasal Airflow Output Filtered nasal airflow pressure waveform Nasal Snoring Output Snoring signal derived from nasal pressure vibrations Oral Airflow Output Filtered oral airflow pressure waveform Oral Snoring Output Snoring signal derived from oral pressure vibrations High & Low level Outputs Choose from either AC or DC inputs compatible with most polygraphs (high & low level outputs are determined by the output cable chosen) THREE INPUTS Nasal Input Choose to combine nasal and oral breathing on one channel by connecting an oral/nasal, single lumen cannula to the nasal input only or to record nasal breathing only using any nasal cannula.

Furthermore, the user guide tells the reader information things like waveforms, the pressure sensor, frequency, output range, filter, output, and pressure sensor.

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