User Guide for Temperature Sensor (ALTTEMP_SENSE) Megafunction

There are lots of info such as sensor, the temperature sensing, and interface are described inside the user guide. In this user guide we can get things around signal, temperature range, and temperature sensor.

The user guide gives us explanation about temperature, temperature measurement, and design. These are taken from the user guide:

This design example demonstrates temperature measurement with the following specifications: ■ Set the input clock signal of the ALTTEMP_SENSE megafunction to 40 MHz ■ Clock the ADC with a 500 kHz signal ■ Enable the asynchronous clear signal to reset the ALTTEMP_SENSE megafunction ■ Enable or disable the clock enable signal to turn on/off the ALTTEMP_SENSE megafunction Generating the Megafunction To generate the ALTTEMP_SENSE megafunction, follow these steps: 1.

In addition, this user guide tells you info things like prototypes, output, and frequency.

Download User Guide for Temperature Sensor (ALTTEMP_SENSE) Megafunction pdf
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