User Guide for Wall Detection A Sonic Sojourn

Many information such as ultrasonic sensor, ultrasonic sensor attachment, sensors, and sensor are explained in the user guide. Inside the user guide the reader can learn information such as wall detection sonar, sonarsensor, and ultrasonic.

The user guide presents info about the ultrasonic sensor, distance, and range. The following are excerpted from this user guide:

The program you’ll write in this lesson will work in a very similar way to the Touch Sensor program you wrote in the previous unit, but instead of using a Touch Sensor to detect obstacles by contact, it will use an Ultrasonic Sensor to detect them at a distance. © Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy / For use with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education NXT software and base set 9797 Wall Detection / Sonar •  ROBOTC Sensing Wall Detection A Sonic Sojourn (cont.) In this lesson, you will learn to use feedback from an Ultrasonic Sensor to make the robot detect a solid object and stop when it’s 25 cm away.

Even more, the user guide contains more such as an ultrasonic sensor, sonar, and detection.

Download User Guide for Wall Detection A Sonic Sojourn pdf
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