User Guide of Laser Height Sensor Non Contact Dispense Height Measurement

In this user guide we can read explanation like measurement, height, laser, gain, and circuitry. The user guide presents info around emission, processing capability, sensor, height sensor specifications, and height sensor.

Lots of things such as range, control circuitry, laser height, laser height sensor, and gain function are explained in this user guide. The following are selected from the user guide:

LASER HEIGHT SENSOR SPECIFICATIONS: LASER HEIGHT SENSOR NON-CONTACT DISPENSE HEIGHT MEASUREMENT Asymtek’s CCD non-contact laser height sensor provides high-speed dispense height measurement for delicate substrates, hybrids and integrated circuits that may be compromised by tactile sensing. FEATURES • Non-contact height sensing eliminates the need for tactile sensing of delicate substrates, hybrids and ICs • High-speed light processing capability for faster throughput and greater yield • CCD sensing technology allows accurate surface detection over a wide range of substrate colors and textures • Laser emission control circuitry and the auto gain function enhance measurement accuracy on diverse substrates.

Furthermore, this user guide explains information about height sensing, beam, height measurement, and laser beam.

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