User Manual for Blue Box Oxygen Sensors

There are lots of information like polymer oxygen sensor, oxygen sensors, sensitivity, current response, and o2 are explained inside the user manual. Inside this user manual the reader can read info such as sensors, regression analysis, sensor sensitivity, and calibration.

The user manual gives you things such as response, response time, amperometry, and concentration. Here are taken from this user manual:

Blue Box Oxygen Sensors User Manual About the Sensor The carbon paste oxygen (O2) and polymer O2 sensors have been developed to allow implantation in the brain, facilitating long-term in vivo and real time measurements of O2 in freely moving animals. Tethered Application Channel 1 QuadStat Channel 2 Channel 3 Channel 4 WE WE AE RE AE RE 1 Pharmacological testing Operant Box Monitoring General activity sleep/wake AE WE AE RE WE RE Input 1Input 2Input 3Input 4 e-corder Power Status Trigger Telemetry Application* + – Fully implantable Pharmacological testing Behavioural testing In-animal charging *Validated with Carbon Paste Sensors only Sensor Transmitter Blue Box Carbon Paste/ or Polymer Oxygen Sensor Using the Oxygen Sensor – In Vivo The sensor design is based on a typical 3 electrode electrochemical detection system.

Also, the user manual presents info around signal, sensor, oxygen sensor, and oxygen.

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