User Manual for Bobcat Light Sensor

This user manual gives us information related to parameter, light level, module, and sensor. In this user manual we can get explanation related to light sensor, module parameters, and data.

Many info like the threshold values, light, threshold, and threshold values are explained in the user manual. The following are some excerpt from this user manual:

Light Sensor Bobcat™ Introduction The Light Sensor Bobcat™ is a single point module providing light level readings. Light Sensor Bobcat™ Parameters Light Sensor Bobcat™ Data Modes Analog Mode When parameter 5 is set to a 1, the Light Sensor Bobcat™ will return a value (0 – 255) based on the amount of light falling on the sensor. lightbob.doc -3- Rev B Accessing the Bobcat™ data Analog Input Example: Using a light sensor to turn outside lights on and off Parameter 5 of the Light Sensor Bobcat™ must be set to 1 to use analog mode.

Even more, this user manual explains discussion regarding the light level, level, and the light sensor.

Download User Manual for Bobcat Light Sensor pdf
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