User Manual for Drivven O2 Sensor Module Kit

Inside the user’s manual the reader can find explanation related to sensors, output, sensor, sensor element, and band oxygen sensor. There are many things around band sensor, calibration, o2 sensor module, module, and fuel mass ratio are presented inside the user’s manual.

This user’s manual tells us explanation like sensor module kit, the sensor element, sensor signal, voltage, and oxygen sensor. Below are some excerpt from this user’s manual:

This module provides controllers for Bosch LSU 4.2 wide-band oxygen sensors and inputs for zirconium-dioxide-element narrow-band oxygen sensors (most common). A properly strain relieved DB-37 connector (not included) is used to interface to the module. National Instruments provides the “cRIO-9933 37-pin Conn. Kit, screw term conn. and DSUB shell” which is compatible with this module. However, any DB-37 connector system may be used. Drivven recommends the following DB-37 connector parts and tools available from several electronics parts distributors (Allied, Mouser, Digikey, etc.).

Furthermore, the user’s manual explains more regarding oxygen, fpga, sensor module, temperature, and national instruments.

Download User Manual for Drivven O2 Sensor Module Kit pdf
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