User Manual for IFM Actuator Sensor-Interface

The user manual contains explanation such as modules, plc, actuator sensor interface, efector, and output modules. Lots of explanation such as fieldbus gateway, sensors, networking, engineering design, and pneumatic are presented inside this user manual.

In this user manual we can find things such as method, actuators, sensor interface, systems, and output. Below are taken from this user manual:

An Overview of AS-i System Components Backplane PLC master AS-i power supply Cabinet module Compact field module Splitter module Pneumatic module Classic field module Flat cable ifm efector inc. Intelligent System Solutions Pneumatic Modules v The airbox is a single AS-i node with up to four inputs and two integrated pneumatic outputs v Stainless steel options for heavy washdown environments v Ideal solution for distributed valve applications Quarter-Turn Valve Feedback v One cable can connect 31 quarter-turn valve feedback devices and 31 solenoid valves v IND sensor and integrated output for a solenoid valve are networked with AS-i ifm efector inc.

Furthermore, this user manual gives the reader more regarding system, devices, troubleshooting, and actuator sensor.

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