User Manual for LDO Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Lots of information around oxygen, the appropriate sensor, measurement, inside the sensor, error, and dissolved oxygen sensor are presented in this user manual. This user manual tells you things regarding the air calibration, barometric, calibration, controller, oxygen concentration, and operation.

Inside this user manual the reader can get description around sensor setup, the sensor cable, sensor, oxygen sensor, temperature, and dissolved oxygen. Below are some excerpt from the user manual:

Minimum Flow Rate Non required Sensitivity ±0.5% of span Calibration/Verification Air Calibration: one point, 100% water saturated air; Sample Calibration: comparison to standard instrument, or comparison to Winkler Titration method Probe Immersion Depth and Pressure Limits Submersible to 107 m (350 ft)/1050 kPa (150 psi) Sensor Interface Modbus Sensor Cable 10 m (30 ft) integral cable with quick-disconnect type plug. Additional cable length may be added by using a junction box. Up to 100 m with extension cables. Up to 1000 m using the Junction box.

In addition, the user manual explains more such as interference, pressure, installation, barometric pressure, and user interface.

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