User Manual for PASPORT High Current Sensor

Inside this user manual you can get information about high current sensor, current, and current indicator. This user manual gives us explanation about circuit, and over current indicator.

Many discussion regarding over current, and test probe are explained in the user manual. Here are taken from the user manual:

PASPORT HIGH CURRENT SENSOR This guide covers the major features of this product – it does not cover all of the available functions. E QUI PMENT DESCRIPTION The PASPort High Current Sensor [1] measures current levels between -10 Amps and +10 Amp and works in conjunction with the Xplorer GLX. Figure 1: PASPort High Current Sensor August 13, 2010 1 realistic environmentalism E QUIPMENT OPERATION 1. An optional handle can be screwed into the side of the sensor [4] Figure 2: Ports on Top of GLX Figure 3: Sensor Extension Cable August 13, 2010 2 realistic environmentalism Figure 4: Handle Attachment 3.

Also, this user manual contains information around current sensor, and sensor.

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