User Manual for pH Sensor-Greenspan

This user manual presents info related to signal conditioning circuits, circuit, output, and sensor. In the user manual the reader can get information related to conditioning circuits, signal conditioning, and calibration.

Many info like sensor design, signal, diagram, and temperature compensation are explained inside the user manual. Below are taken from this user manual:

pH provides an indication of whether a solution is acidic or basic and is defined as : pH = – log (H+) and covers a scale from 0 (acid) to 14 (alkaline) where H+ is the hydrogen concentration in solution, at normal room temperatures H2O = H+ +OHThe concentration of each type of ion is approximately10-7gm molecule/litre and hence the pH of pure water is: pH = – log 10-7 = 7 UM-010-0002-PH GREENSPAN TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD 2 2 SENSOR DESIGN Signal Conditioning Circuits An important consideration with using a pH sensor in field measurements is the likelihood of errors due to earth loops with other sensors.

Furthermore, the user manual presents more such as sensors, calibration procedure, and ph.

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