User Manual for TV 114 Wind Speed Sensor

In this user manual we can find information like remote sensors, sensor, wind, maintenance, and wind sensors. This user manual presents explanation around mounting, speed sensor, speed controller, the direction sensor, and barometric pressure.

Many things about calibration, direction sensor, wind speed controller, wind speed, and speed are explained in this user manual. The following are excerpted from the user manual:

ORDERING INFORMATION Model # Description TV-114 TV-114A Wind Speed Sensor, Heavy Industrial Wind Speed Sensor, 4-20mA * Sensor is designed to work with TD-104-5D wind direction sensor. REMOTE TEMPERATURE/HUMIDITY SENSORS AND INSTRUMENT SHELTERS: Whenever possible, instrument shelters* as well as remote temperature and/or humidity sensors should be installed at a height of 4 feet (or greater) over earth or sod at least 100 feet from any concrete or other hardsurfaced area and not closer to any other object than four times the height of the object above the instrument shelter or remote sensors.

In addition, this user manual presents discussion such as wind speed sensor, installation, sensors, anemometer, and humidity sensors.

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