User Manual for Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Sensor 4M (RKI-1540)

The user manual tells us information like distance, measurement sensor, and sensor. Many information related to measurement, signal, and range conversion are presented inside this user manual.

Inside this user manual the reader can learn description around distance measurement sensor, distance measurement, and echo signal. Below are taken from the user manual:

This sensor is a high performance ultrasonic range finder. It is compact and measures an amazingly wide range from 2cm to 4m. This ranger is a perfect for any robotic application, or any other projects requiring accurate ranging information. This sensor can be connected directly to the digital I/O lines of your microcontroller and distance can be measured in time required for travelling of sound signal using simple formula as below. Distance = (Echo pulse width high time * Sound Velocity (340M/S)/2)

Even more, the user manual explains information about ultrasonic, echo pulse, and ultrasonic distance measurement.

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