User Manual of Coxmate SC-XP Speed Sensor

Many explanation around nominal calibration, mounting, and speed sensor are described inside the user manual. In the user manual the reader can find things about xp speed sensor, and speed.

This user manual presents things around calibration, and sensor. These are excerpted from the user manual:

Coxmate SC-XP Speed Sensor The speed sensor comprises a small magnetic impeller which mounts to the outside of the shell, and an electronics pick up/conditioning unit with cable to transmit speed signal to SC (SC-R) control unit. To assist in positioning the sensor in respect to the impeller, a magnet may be helpful – place magnet eg stroke sensor magnet, on inside of hull and determine position on outside of hull with a small piece of magnetic material eg a paperclip. It is important to position fin correctly first time -once backing tape is removed from fin, and it is stuck to SC-XP Manual 1 Issued 5/12/04 Copyright 2004 boat, it is difficult to reposition it.

Furthermore, this user manual presents discussion about conditioning unit, and the speed sensor.

Download User Manual of Coxmate SC-XP Speed Sensor pdf
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