User Manual of Distance Sensor Model SR50

Many things related to distance sensor, rail fitting, and distance are described in this user manual. The user manual presents explanation such as pulse, and sensor.

Inside this user manual the reader can find description around measurement, mounting, and angle. Here are excerpted from the user manual:

Distance Sensor Model SR50 The SR50 is a rugged, acoustic distance sensor that is manufactured by Campbell Scientific Canada. It measures the elapsed time between emission and return of an ultrasonic pulse. This measurement can be used to determine snow or water depth. An air temperature measurement is required to correct for variations of the speed of sound in air. 1” NPT Mounting Stem 1” Pipe Thread The SR50 was designed to meet the stringent requirements of measuring depths and uses a multiple echo processing algorithm to help ensure measurement reliability.

Additionally, the user manual contains information about pulse train output, and inclination.

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