Using Force Sensors to Control Intelligent Prosthetic Device

Many explanation regarding vibration sensor, calibration data, prototype, extension force, inactive calibration, acquisition, signal, prosthetic control, data acquisition, voltages, flexion control signal, computer, pronation control signal, and device are presented in this literature. The literature tells the reader discussion around force sensor, muscle, extension control, active calibration, myoelectrodes, control, instruments, analysis program, amplification, active calibration data, algorithm, circuit, extension, and signals.

Inside this literature you can learn things related to graph, activation, amplification board, upper extremity amputation, level, flexion, flexion extensor, finger flexion control, sensor circuit, extension control signal, voltage, surgical implantation, data, and control signal. These are chosen from the literature:

Force sensors are piezoelectric, meaning that their output voltages can be manipulated based on the amount of pressure applied to a resistive ink. They can be used to measure the contraction of muscles, and the resulting voltage measurement can be compared with the electrical signal generated when measured by conventional myoelectrodes. While others have used devices to measure muscle bulge, it has never been measured using force sensors, nor has it been implemented in a multi-sensor, pattern recognition setup with the purpose of controlling a prosthesis [11]. By investigating this unexplored control method, this research has the potential to make some applications of multifunction prostheses less expensive and less invasive with the potential to eliminate signal processing.

Additionally, this literature presents info about calibration, flexion control, voltage differences, wrist extension control, control methods, action data, supination control signal, sensor, response, prosthetic device, inactive calibration data, force, and amplifier.

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