Using Oxygen Sensor for Measuring Change in Metabolism

In this paper the reader can get description like solid state, experiments, tissue, system, current, dose dependent, application, effects, temperature, oxygen concentration, and control. The paper contains information such as metabolism, oxygen, standard, sensor actuator, microsystems, initial perfusion, activity, order, metabolic activity, and time.

There are lots of info related to dissolved oxygen, thyroid hormone, signal, temperature stability, oxygen sensor, response, screening, curve, surface, sensor response, and biosensors are presented in this paper. The following are chosen from the paper:

This paper presents data characterizing the ability to measure metabolic activity at a tissue interface using a Clark-type oxygen concentration sensor consisting of a microfabricated thin-
film electrode matrix overlaid with a solid-state proton conductive matrix and encapsulated in a bio-inert polytetrafluoroethylene film. HL-1 atrial myocytes were cultured onto the sensor surface. Cyclic voltammetry was utilized to characterize the sensor response over 30 minutes while the overlying tissue was subjected to either triiodothyronine or verapamil, drugs known to upregulate or downregulate, respectively, the metabolic activity of
myocardial cells. Levels of percent of baseline current were calculated for both drugs, as well as for controls. Th

Even more, this paper contains info about sensor, measured oxygen, concentration, working electrode, analysis, experiment, effect, matrix, control condition, and electrode.

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