Vansco Radar Speed Sensor Datasheet

There are many explanation around signal, radar speed sensor, ground speed, radar speed, and mounting angle are explained inside the datasheet. In the datasheet we can find information related to radar, beam, micro trak, sensor, and speed.

The datasheet tells us info about speed signal, ground, beam pattern, ground speed sensor, and wheel. These are taken from the datasheet:

The Vansco radar speed sensor combines stateof-the-art electronic design and manufacturing, a rugged, weather-resistant aluminum housing and complete testing and certification to deliver a reliable and accurate speed signal for mobile equipment. This true ground speed sensor calculates speed independently of wheel motion using a microwave (radar) signal and the principle of Doppler shift (measuring the changes in the frequency of the reflected signal).

Also, this datasheet gives us information around speed sensor, true ground speed, control systems, and mounting.

Download Vansco Radar Speed Sensor Datasheet pdf
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