VBSS100SL 100Hz GPS Speed Sensor

There are lots of info related to brake, time, brake test, dual antenna menu, speed, antenna placement, speed sensor outputs, mounting, option, longitudinal acceleration, lateral acceleration, bit, and rate are explained inside this user guide. In this user guide you can read information regarding acceleration, angle, primary antenna, input, data rate, separation distance, start speed, distance, output, primary antenna port, digital, measurements, and velocity.

The user guide presents explanation like brake trigger, dual antenna, analogue output, level, dual antenna lock, secondary antenna, port, antenna, antenna port, signed integer, connection, pulse, and antenna separation. The following are grabbed from the user guide:

VBOX Speed Sensor dual antenna (VBSS100SL) is a high accuracy 100Hz GPS/GLONASS system. VBSS100SL combines high level accuracy and test repeatability with the ability to measure slip and pitch/roll angles at 100Hz. Data is present on multiple outputs such as: CAN, RS232, Analogue and Digital lines. The VBSS100SL can be used for non-contact sensing of velocity providing signal output data on CAN, analogue and digital, allowing easy integration with data loggers and testing applications. The analogue output can be assigned to vehicle speed, lateral acceleration, longitudinal acceleration, or lap beacon marker with user selectable scaling. The digital output can be configured as either a digital speed pulse output or a lap beacon marker.

Giving more content, the user guide gives you info around sensor, setup, antenna menu, data, ground plane, speed sensor, position, separation, calculated slip, power, trigger, standard inventory, and connector.

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