Vernier’s Light Sensor User Manual

In the user manual you can find info such as sensor, calculator, program, setting, collection program, data collection program, range, light intensity, interface, and spectral response. The user manual gives the reader things around sensitive range, lux, palm powered handheld, intensity, calibrated light meter, logger, calibration, calibrated light, and response.

There are many discussion around switch, light, photodiode, slope, software, calibration file, experiment, reading, and voltage are presented inside the user manual. These are chosen from the user manual:

Different calibration files are provided for each of the three switch settings. Be sure to load the file that matches the switch setting you are using. In other cases, you can use this sensor without calibration, reading just voltage. Note that for this sensor, voltage is always proportional to light intensity. If you want to calibrate the Light Sensor yourself, you can do so. Using a calibrated light meter and is similar to the procedure used to calibrate any other Vernier probe.

Additionally, the user manual tells the reader more regarding computer, data collection, stored calibration, graphing, collection, light meter, data, serial box interface, and light sensor.

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