Vibration Sensor Interface Module Guide

There are many things like vibration sensor, voltage, parameters, channel, data, probe sensitivity, velocity, parallel port, factor, guide, safety barrier attenuation, hardware settings, scale factor, proximity probe, base power, signal type, tachometer input, displacement probe, operation guide, configuration parameters, and danger setpoint are explained in this guide. This guide tells us discussion around settings, bit, power supply, alert, port, reporting mode, accelerometer, power, circuit bias, address value, serial port, interface module, vibration sensor interface, configuration, sensor, switch, calculated vibration, static control precautions, displacement, and transducer type.

In this guide you can read explanation regarding danger setpoints, integration, product, circuit, barrier attenuation, module, pass filter setting, intrinsic safety, installation, tachometer, operation, value, multiply, connector, sensor interface, vibration, alarm, signal, velocity probe, and time delay. Here are some excerpt from the guide:

This Installation and Operation Guide provides installation and operation instructions for the CTI 2505 4-Channel Vibration Sensor Interface Module for Simatic® 505 programmable
controllers. We assume you are familiar with the operation of Simatic® 505 programmable controllers. Refer to the appropriate user documentation for specific information on the Simatic® 505 programmable controllers and I/O modules. The CTI 2505 Four Channel Vibration Sensor Interface Module is a member of Control
Technology’s family of I/O modules compatible with Simatic® 505 programmable controllers. The 2505 is designed to translate millivolt-level analog signals from velocity, accelerometer,and/or proximity sensors into digital words for a Simatic® 505 programmable controller (PLC).

Also, the guide presents more about units, probe circuit, vibration sensor analysis, analysis module, probe, tachometer options, input signal, network, setpoint, circuit bias voltage, pulse per revolution, signal input, speed, output scale, input, response curve, filter, gain, control technology, and multiply value.

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