Vibration Sensor with Optoelectronic Interface

In the paper the reader can learn info about resonance frequency, technology, drive current, drive, temperature sensing, resonator, dependence, frequency dependence, sensor chip, and rotating machinery. This paper contains discussion regarding chip, layers, voltage, structure, mechanical structure, fibre, metallization, design, vibration sensor, and sensor.

Many things related to vibration control, resonance, monolithic integration, frequency, current, absorption, circuit diagram, performance, signal, and semiconductors are presented inside this paper. These are some excerpt from the paper:

micromachined sensor for wear monitoring of rotating machinery is described. It comprises a Si microelectromechanical transducer for vibration sensing, on-chip MOS circuitry for amplification and a hybrid GaAs/GaAlAs infrared emitting diode (IRED) for electrooptical conversion of the measured signal. Bulk micromachining combined with common MOS technology is used for transducer fabrication. In view of a monolithic integration of an IRED heteroepitaxy on Si was investigated.

Also, the paper tells you more regarding fabrication, vibration, optoelectronic interface, wheatstone bridge, interface, metal, circuit, vibration sensing, and fabrication process.

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