Vision-Based micronewton Force Sensor for Microrobotics

In this paper you can find description like elastic modulus, force sensor, microfabrication process, design, cellular force measurements, tungsten probe, fabrication, force measurements, applications, atomic force microscope, and design requirements. This paper contains things such as level, finite element analysis, finite element, element analysis, finite, robotic manipulation, sensor design, direction, sensor, mechanism, and scale manipulation.

Lots of info related to beam, stiffness values, level forces, force distance, prototype, manipulation, force, micromanipulation experiments, force sensing, meso scale manipulation, and microfabrication are presented inside this paper. Here are some excerpt from this paper:

We present a two-dimensional, vision-based force sensor, capable of sensing µN level forces. There are currently no reliable, off-the-shelf, commercially-available force sensors to measure forces at this scale, that can be easily integrated into standard microrobotic test-beds. Our design consists of a planar, elastic mechanism with known force-deflection characteristics. A CCD camera is used to track the deformation of the mechanism as it is used to manipulate objects in a micro/mesoscale robotic manipulation test-bed. By observing the displacements of select points in the mechanism, the manipulation forces can be estimated. The modeling, design, microfabrication, calibration and experimental validation of the force sensor are presented with a brief discussion of an application to a robotic manipulation tasks such as microassembly.

Additionally, this paper gives you info regarding dimensions, modulus, analysis, compression, experimental validation, stiffness, microelectromechanical systems, nanoindentation tests, lower stiffness values, vision based force, and nanonewton force.

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