VM6101 I2C Color Light Sensor Datasheet (STMicroelectronics)

The datasheet presents explanation such as control, operation, control register, vm6101, interface timing, slave address selection, pwm, light angle, supply current, light response, sensitivity, and light sensing. In this datasheet the reader can learn information regarding angular response, start condition, output, response, ambient light, power, light measurement channels, normalized sensitivity, serial interface, setup time, and polarity.

Many discussion around channel, characteristics, optical characteristics, supply voltage, voltage, generator output, electrical characteristics, light, interface, operating conditions, and frequency converter are described inside this datasheet. The following are grabbed from this datasheet:

The VM6101 is a high dynamic range 4-channel CMOS photosensor suitable for ambient light sensing as well as color light sensing. Light intensity is converted linearly to a variable frequency signal. The signal period is readable through the two-wire serial interface. A direct PWM output is provided for power saving LCD backlighting applications, where backlighting intensity adapts to the ambient light level. Alternatively, this output can be used as an ambient light level detector output, with two user programmable thresholds. A power down input puts the VM6101 in ultra low power mode.

In addition, the datasheet contains information about comparator, serial interface timing, light level, supply, temperature, vm6101 functional description, normalized response, power down, conditions, status register, and parameter.

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