VW-108 Vibrating Wire SDI-12 Interface

In this product specification we can get description regarding terminal port, wire inputs, measurement, interface, sensor, terminal, channel, system, data loggers, response, and range. The product specification presents discussion like inputs, data, port, wire sensor, connection, application, media converter, auto resonance, vibrating wire sensor, and frequency.

Lots of explanation around applications, resolution, linearisation, configuration, wire, expansion, network, thermistor, instrument, and converter are described in the product specification. The following are some excerpt from the product specification:

The VibWire-108 is a rugged, versatile, general purpose vibrating wire sensor interface for connection to data loggers, SCADA applications and PC data acquisition systems. The VibWire-108 range of devices gives third party systems the ability to use vibrating wire sensors, even if the original hardware is not designed to do so. The inbuilt digital frequency meter is used to test the sensor inputs without the requirement to undertake a download, or to use a separate readout device. The VibWire-108 range of interfaces utilises an auto-resonance technique for activating the vibrating wire sensors. This technique has the advantage over many other systems in that no prior user knowledge of the vibrating wire sensor is required.

Even more, this product specification presents discussion about vibrating wire inputs, display, expansion port, resonance, sensor coil, digital network, resistance, excitation, temperature, and package.

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