Walker P297 Wind Speed Sensor

The installation instruction presents things about time, data sheet, sensor, wind, and installation. Inside the installation instruction you can get information regarding wind speed sensor, speed sensor, cable, and stainless steel.

There are many things such as unit, shaft, mounting, and connector are described in the installation instruction. Here are some excerpt from this installation instruction:

The unit carries a cupset fitted to a stainless steel shaft, which runs in shielded bearings. A cap fitted to the shaft forms a labyrinth for protection against water ingress. The slotted lower end of the shaft, driven by the cupset rotates within an opto-switch carried on the upper pcb of the board assembly mounted within the carrying tube. Twice per revolution of the cupset, a square wave signal is produced which is fed directly to a microcontroller. The processor times the duration between successive pulses and, by using a stored look-up table, appropriate for the cupset concerned, the wind speed value is calculated. The unit should be mounted as high as possible in air which is undisturbed by movement over and around any structures and in a position to ensure a clear azimuth. For shipborne use, fitting high on the main mast is recommended as under adverse sea state conditions there would be less possibility of the sensor being frequently washed with sea water than if mounted forward.

In addition, the installation instruction gives us info things like wind speed, tubular body, speed, and assembly.

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