Walking Analysis by 6-axis Force Sensor for Measuring of Plantar Deformation

In this paper we can learn things related to plantar deformation, moment, force, system, power, frame, experiment, accuracy, walking experiment, analysis, and strain. Lots of information related to line, proceedings, planter deformation, load, response, data, force sensing, high speed cameras, sensor figure, initial contact, and measurement are presented in the paper.

The paper contains explanation regarding skin deformation, monotonous structure, horizontal axis, axis, walking analysis device, speed, direction, reaction force, plate, output data, and sensor. These are chosen from this paper:

This paper presents a result of walking experiment of a novel 6-axis force sensor with simultaneous plantar deformation measurement by high-speed cameras under the sensor is presented. The sensor is based on two custom beams and some strain gages in order not to be limited a view of the high-speed cameras. In walking analysis research field, the 6axis force and plantar skin deformation are very important factors to identify the risk of fall and to reduce risk of fallrelated injuries in elderly populations. However, there were no sensor can measure 6-axis force and plantar skin deformation simultaneously. In this paper, the result of assessment experiment of the sensor is described.

Even more, this paper explains more things like reaction, torque, circumference, value, force sensor, strain gages, beam, floor reaction force, vertical axis, parallel monotonous structure, and joint.

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