Water Sensor Circuit From UCSD Nanolab-Professor Michael J.Sailor

Inside this report the reader can find description around circuit diagram, the humidity sensor, probe, sensor circuit, the circuit diagram, water sensor circuit, and transistor. The report contains info around diagram, variable resistor, water, circuit, humidity, current, and voltage.

There are many information like measurement, resistor, water sensor, humidity sensor, vapor sensor, the water sensor, and the voltage reading are presented in the report. Below are taken from the report:

Sailor University of California, San Diego La Jolla, CA 92093-0358 Parts List* 9 V Battery Battery clip 100 kΩ resistor (2) 330 Ω resistor (1) npn transistor (2) red LED 30 pF capacitor (water vapor sensor-see text) 100 kΩ variable resistor plug-in board Auto range digital multimeter Assorted wires *Parts can be obtained from commercial vendor such as Radio Shack Equipment The Multi-Meter Electricity terms: Current, Voltage, and Resistance. The water sensor circuit Adding an over limit alarm to the water sensor In this part of the experiment, you will add a red LED to the circuit as an over-limit alarm.

In addition, this report tells you discussion things like the variable resistor, voltage reading, the threshold level, water vapor sensor, experiment, and sensor.

Download Water Sensor Circuit From UCSD Nanolab-Professor Michael J.Sailor pdf
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