Wearable Force Sensor for Measurement of Ground-reaction Force

The paper gives the reader info around signal conditioning, human dynamics, validation experiments, force, measurements, sensitivity, component force, axis load, interference, strain gauge, structure, posture, and dynamics analysis. In this paper we can read description like signal conditioning circuits, load, reaction, cross sensitivity, strain gauges, conditioning circuits, axis load cells, developed sensor, reaction force, coefficients, design, and analysis.

There are lots of information such as measurement, voltage signals, sensor, load cells, finite element, joint moment, force sensor, ground reaction, wearable force, circuits, human motion analysis, and parallel structure are presented inside the paper. Below are excerpted from the paper:

This paper presents development of a wearable force sensor system for human dynamics analysis. Forces and moments are detected by combining responses from eight load cells fabricated on a parallel connection foundation. Finite element method was used for designing preliminary mechanical structures and simulating the mechanical stresses and strains in the load cells. Sensitivity of the load cells in the force sensor was increased by distributing strain gauges on the maximum strain positions. A smart electrical board consisting of signal conditioning circuits, A/D module and a micro-computer controller based communication module was built and integrated into the force sensor.

Even more, the paper gives us info about cell, direction, parallel support mechanism, human dynamics analysis, voltage, regression analysis, coupling effect, reference sensor, ground reaction forces, mechanical packaging, calibration coefficients, and axial force sensor.

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