White Paper About Using LEDs as LightLevel Sensor and Emitters

Lots of things like intensity, sensor, measurement results, light level, interface, and level sensors are described in the paper. This paper presents information related to light intensity measurement, flash intensity, light level sensors, ambient light, oscillator, and light.

Inside the paper we can find things related to state machine, the intensity measurement, ambient, ambient light level, frequency, and sensors. Here are excerpted from this paper:

In portable electronic products, a common use for LEDs is a “heartbeat” indicator that shows power status, battery condition, or Bluetooth connection activity. The LED can be a major factor in determining battery life, as its intensity is directly proportional to power drain. LEDs are designed to be easily seen in bright ambient light, yet it can be assumed that much of the time a portable device is in a dark purse or pocket. A low-intensity LED indicator extends battery life but is useless in a bright environment. Modulating LED power based on ambient light level would increase battery life, a particularly helpful feature in a device where battery life is measured in days.

Giving more content, the paper contains discussion around light intensity, the light intensity, intensity measurement, intensity value, and measurement.

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