Wireless Pressure Sensor-Datasheet

Many information such as sensor, range, pressure, and strain gauge circuit are presented inside the datasheet. This datasheet contains discussion such as specifications, strain gauge, and interface.

Inside the datasheet we can learn things around pressure reference, pressure ranges, and data acquisition. These are grabbed from this datasheet:

Measuring about 190 mm long, the patent-pending PS1 is a compact, self-contained wireless pressure sensor. Accurate pressure measurements are transmitted wirelessly to a suitable base station such as the BS1-U, having a USB interface, or the BS1-R, having an RS-232 interface. The PS1’s internal battery powers the sensor for the entire calibration period of one year. Cutting Edge ZigBee Our ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4 compliant wireless interface combines an ultra-low power RF transceiver with protocol software to form a transparent wireless communication solution that has self-organized and self-healing properties.

Also, this datasheet contains information around wireless pressure sensor, pressure sensor, and microcontroller.

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